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Galway Bay Brewery Softball League Table Matchday #9

Matchday #9 has seen some changes to the league table, albeit with games in hand, only 4 games left in the regular season before the playoffs begin August 17th.

For the First time we may see the tie-break rules come into effect on multiple occasions! It’s still all to play for with 1st and 2nd BOTH in control of their seedings. The #1 seed will have home advantage throughout the playoffs.

The TF Electrical Chargers bounced back from an 8-2 loss to the Diggers with a 4-2 win against the motors to jump into 1st place with one extra game played.
The Chargers can clinch the #1 seed with a win against the Backpackers regardless of the 6:30 results. A Backpackers loss to the Motors and a Backpackers win against the Chargers will see Chargers the #2 seed. Backpackers currently have +8 Run Difference on the head to head. A Backpackers loss to Motors and Chargers-Backpackers Draw will see Chargers #1 with more wins on the head to head.

Snoozles Backpackers went back to winning ways after a 2 losses on on Matchday #8. A 6 run top of the 3rd secured a comeback win against the Tappers 7-4.
They now sit 2 points behind the Chargers and a game in hand. Backpackers can secure the #1 seed with a victory against the Chargers on head to head runs difference. A win against the Motors and Loss to the Chargers will see the Backpackers drop to the #2 seed. A loss to Motors and a win against Chargers will see Backpackers 1st on head to head runs difference tie break. A Win against Motors and draw vs Chargers will see Backpackers finish on 66 points and Chargers on 63. Also, 2 Backpackers draws would see Backpackers on 66 and Chargers on 64.

The EK Diggers have caught and overtaken the Motors with a win over the Chargers and the Motors losing both matchday #9 matches. They lead the head to head 2-1 and with a +19 runs difference on the head to head. A Diggers win against the Motors will see them secure the #3 seed and book a semi final spot to the loser of Chargers and Backpackers.

The Megadale Motors need a favour from the Tappers, a win against the Backpackers and beat the Diggers in their last game. A diggers win over the Tappers will see the Motors needing to beat the Diggers by more than 19 runs to overcome the runs difference on head to head. Motors need results to go their way and beat Diggers to avoid the 4th/5th place Playoff vs the Tappers.

The Sangria Tappers won their 3rd game but was not enough to stay in contention to move positions. They have secured the #5 seed and will be away to the Motors of Diggers in the 4th/5th place playoff. However they play the EK Diggers at 6:30 and can throw a spanner in the works for the Diggers 3rd place finish with a win.

Matchday #10 July 20th
Backpackers @ Motors
Diggers @ Tappers

Chargers @ Backpackers
Diggers @ Motors

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