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Galway Softball Member Registration 2021

Play sport in Galway

The Softball season in Ireland runs from early May to mid September. With various tournaments and blitzes throughout the summer.

Our team is co-ed with training sessions from 6:15 to 8:30 pm in St Marys College, Galway City on Monday’s (Weather permitting). We have all the gear needed to play available for free.

Everyone is welcome to come along for training and matches and also join us for a drink afterward.

Please fill out the form below so we have details of your level of experience and contact details for Softball Ireland and we will be in contact with you asap.

If you have any issues filling out the form please email

Email Address - For sending out group updates, emails will not be passed on without asking you first.
Full Name - For Galway Softball know who is who and is also required for Insurance.
Date of Birth - For insurance and tournamet registeration.
Mobile Number - To add you to the whats app group.
Favourite & Second position - To try and arrange teams so everyone is playing a position they want.
Membership - To track what type of member you are.
Training evening - To ensure we pick a training day which will get the most people possible.
T-Shirt Size - To help the club in pre-ordering t-shirts for events or tournaments.
County/Town - To see where players are coming from with the intention to create clubs in other areas if enough players are travelling from that area.

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